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The hidden costs of moving

May 12, 2021

We are sure that it doesn’t come as a great surprise that moving can be stressful not to mention expensive. Good news is we are to help with some help with knowing what to expect and properly preparing. Doing your research will allow you to anticipate and budget with out getting blind sided at the end of your move!

Read the fine print.

Each moving company charges differently so when you are gathering estimates, don’t forget to read fine print. That way you fully understand what is included in each estimate and can do an adequate apples to apples comparison between companies.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

If something is missing,  it’s better to bring that to your consultants attention now than be surprised by additional charges. 

  • Some large and bulky items require special handling, tools, and material. This can include anything weighing more than 300lbs that can’t be moved in sections. Examples include pianos, saunas, pool tables, and large safes. 
  • Be aware that some gas appliances and front loading washing machines may require a third party company to unhook and reinstall them in your new home. 
  • Access can become an issue with some locations if the clearance is tight. This may require the company to shuttle your furniture using a smaller truck. There is usually an additional charge for this service, so it’s important to discuss while creating your estimate.
  • Any handicaps that may increase the amount of labor are necessary to discuss with the company quoting you. Be aware of stairs, elevators, or a long distance between the home and where the truck is parked. These factors are going to have an effect on your final bill. 
  • Packing service and material are usually an additional service to the residential process. A packing job will take addition time as well boxes, paper, and bubble wrap. Make sure to ask what material is included in the quote. 

Getting to the New House

When moving long distance you will want to take into consideration travel expenses. Make to not only budget for a hotel room, but also factor in things like food, tolls, gas and emergencies that might come up while you are on the road

Damage Control.

You know that big dent that you put in the wall when moving your dining room table and the scratches you made on the hardwood floor when you scooted your entertainment center across it? Well, the incoming family or landlord is going to do a final walkthrough and may request compensation for those damages to cover the cost of the repairs. If you are a renter, it will likely be in the form of not getting your security deposit back.

The bottom line.

Yes, moving to a new home can be a challenge. Yes, unplanned expenses crop up. But, if you do your research beforehand and budget appropriately, you’ll be a step ahead when something unexpected happens.

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